Product Recovery

Product or by-product recovery can have substantial return on investment in today’s economy.

Process Treatment

Bubble spin technology provides your operation with unsurpassed separation efficiency.

Production Water

Efficiency can reduce the cost of treatment of both the oil and water and/or increase their market value.

Fracking Water Recovery

Millions of water gallons are often hauled out for treatment. Treat it and re-use it on-site for less cost.


Whether your contaminant is an LNAPL or a DNAPL, Hydrasep® will successfully remove it from the groundwater.


Failure to prevent discharge into the environment may result in significant clean up costs and penalties.


Customizable and designed to separate glycerin and wash water from biodiesel in continuous or batch modes.

Mobile Separators

Mobile separators are ideal for temporary use such as during tank cleaning or spill response operations.

Hydrasep has expertise in hydraulic design, principles, and theory.

The Hydrasep Patented Process

The superior performance of the patented Hydrasep process is achieved without the use of filters, meshes, incline plates, coalescing plates, media or corrugated plates, and as a result your maintenance costs can be reduced substantially. Units can be fabricated as rectangular or cylindrical vessels for above ground, below ground or pressure applications, in 5 to 3000 gpm sizes. There are various options depending on customer's requirements that can be built into each unit, such as special external/internal coatings and galvanized, stainless steel or poly internal components.

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About Us

Hydrasep got its start in the mid 1990s to develop a separator that meets EPA storm water run-off regulations. Hydrasep engineers were instrumental in the development of ASTM Standard Practices for separator performance testing.

Hydrasep soon learned the industry was in a more dire need for simple-to-operate, highly efficient, and cost-effective separation technology.

Hydrasep adapted its original design to suit the industry’s needs for ease of maintenance, ruggedness,and performance. Hydrasep continues to develop new products for fluid separation applications.

Our Clients Have Spoken

  • We have already run around 20,000 gallons through the Hydrasep and it is working well.

    North Alabama Biodiesel
  • Just wanted to let you know, the HS-1000 Separator is working very well and I am quite happy with it.

    Associated Proteins
  • I wanted to compliment you and your company on the great product you have for Biodiesel/Glycerin or Biodiesel/Water separation. Since switching from a traditional decanter tank to your design we have seen a significant improvement in our bio-wash system. It has allowed us to increase the flow at which we do our water wash. It has also provided a much more defined phase separation and helped stop the loss of methyl-esters in our wash water as well as reduced the work load on our biodiesel dryer system. We look forward to implementing more of your separation tanks in our upcoming plant expansion.

    Integrity Biofuels
  • The two separators that we purchased from Hydrasep for our biodiesel process have met all of our expectations. We have had excellent results in using them to separate our biodiesel and glycerin. I would highly recommend your company and your product to other producers.

    Memphis Biofuels
  • The advanced technology effectively treats water and economically recycles hydrocarbons five times faster than a conventional separator. HYDRASEP™ maintains its excellent separation quality, even in wastewater with high petroleum product concentrations.

    Slovnaft Refinery
  • The Hydrasep® successfully treated the [crude] oil and water emulsion [from an esp equipped well.]

    Rocky Mountain Oil Field Testing Center
  • We are very pleased with the ease and simplicity of your (Hydrasep) oil/water separator… As you can see our ROI will be less than year with your Hydrasep®… Thanks so much for a well engineered, quality product. We are more than pleased!

    Polymer Industrial Products
  • The Hydrasep® has been instrumental in improving the facility's treatment plant performance and maintenance record, and reducing its chemical usage.

    BTR Precision Die-Casting
  • Thanks for your Help

    University of Memphis
  • The Hydrasep® has consistently passed the State unannounced inspections and saved us a lot in labor even though we are using it beyond its original intended purpose.

    FAMM Marero
  • The advanced Hydrasep® technology effectively treats water and economically recycles hydrocarbons five times faster than a conventional separator.

    Slovnaft Ethylene
  • We recovered over 25,000 gallons of spilled fuel in less than 4 months more than paying for the unit.

    Major airline at a midsouth airport
  • You can use us as a reference any time.

    Johnson City Iron & Metal
  • We accomplished the response job in half the time!

    Major power producer in the southeast
  • We love your product. Thank you for your professionalism.

    Barge towing, cleaning & repair facility

Hydrasep® Laminar Flow Oil/Water Separators provide superior performance and lower maintenance for any hydraulic separation application.