Hydrasep® Oil Water Separators

Hydrasep, Inc., manufactures the Hydrasep® Laminar Flow Oil Water Separator, the maintenance free solution to your oily water problems. This technology efficiently separates crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, lube oils, vegetable oils, biodiesel, methyl esters and oils heavier than water (DNAPL), such as creosote, plasticizers and halogenated compounds from produced water, processed water, waste water and/or groundwater remediation in concentrations up to 50%.

Below is a simplified animation of our patented separator process. View the separator process in a larger version.

Superior Performance & Lower Maintenance Oil Water Separation

The superior performance of the patented Hydrasep process is achieved without the use of filters, meshes, inclined plates, coalescing plates or media or corrugated plates, and as a result your maintenance costs are reduced substantially. Units can be fabricated as rectangular or cylindrical vessels in 5 to 3000 gpm sizes. There are various options depending on customer's requirements that can be built into each unit, such as special external/internal coatings, stainless steel or poly internal components.

I wanted to compliment you and your company on the great product you have for Biodiesel/Glycerin or Biodiesel/Water separation. Since switching from a traditional decanter tank to your design we have seen a significant improvement in our bio-wash system. It has allowed us to increase the flow at which we do our water wash. It has also provided a much more defined phase separation and helped stop the loss of methyl-esters in our wash water as well as reduced the work load on our biodiesel dryer system. We look forward to implementing more of your separation tanks in our upcoming plant expansion.

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